Lipstick cake

Lipstick cake. Maybe without the face & tiny shoes though. Crème Creative, Creative Studio, Creative Cakes, Creative Birthday Cakes, Creative Cooking, Shopkins Lippy, Tier Shopkins, Shopkins Cupcake Cake, Shopkins Party Birthdays Cakes

Masks Birthday Cake

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Shopkins Kooky Cookie cake

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Hunting and Fishing Birthday Cake

Hunting and Fishing Birthday Cake: ill see if I can’t find little figures at Michaels or something too! 40Th Birthday Cakes, Dad Birthday, Fishing Birthday Cakes, Birthday Cake Hunting, Fish Birthday Cake, Cakes Fishing, Birthday Ideas, Happy Birthday, Birthday Party

Camping – sheet cake made fondant accent

camping – sheet cake made w/ fondant accent, candy and cookies. made this for the cub scout cake auction. Boy Scout Cake Ideas, Boy Scout Cakes, Scouts Cakes, Cakes Boy, Scouts Ideas, Father’S Cakes, Eagle Scout Cake Ideas, Cub Scouts Cake, Boy Scouts

Birthday Cake For Men

I need to make this for my best friends next birthday. Evyns Birthday, Chevy Birthday, Birthday Cake For Men, Birthday Dylan, Hubby’S Bday, Hunting Cakes For Men, Camo Cakes For Boys, 60Th Cakes, Bday Cakes

Nintendo GameCube Cake

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Fashion inspired 90th birthday cake

Fashion inspired 90th birthday cake with cascading roses and slighback shoe. Happy Birthday Rose! Box Cakes, Cake Boxes, Luggage Box, Shoe Happy, 90Th Birthday Cakes, Birthday Rose, Happy Birthday, Rose S 90Th, Cascading Roses